So, You Want to be a Lifestyle Blogger?

‘Lifestyle Blog is one of those terms that have been questioned over and over as a term that no one quite understands. It’s often misconstrued as: You want to write a blog but you can’t pick a niche; therefore you will lump all of your insights and ideas into one category and call that a ‘lifestyle blog’.

I completely disagree with this idea, as lifestyle blogs are not only very interesting but also carry many creative ideas, thoughtful insights, and allow bloggers to express themselves on a whole different level. It also allows bloggers to combine different interests into one blog, instead of creating separate blogs for separate interests. If you like food and fashion, you can start a food and fashion blog. If you can’t decide between writing about technology, your cat and wine, why not combine them?

When I started livelaughblog (formerly known as livelaughbox), I knew that I wanted one of my topics to be subscription boxes, but I also enjoyed writing about food, wine, DIY ideas, and beauty products. Thus, I chose to include my favourite subscription boxes that all relate to different lifestyle themes (i.e. food, beauty, wellness, etc.). There’s no rule book to starting a lifestyle blog, and the best way to succeed is to be original and come up with your own themes and content; you want to make this blog your own!

Imagine looking back one day at your life and instead of carrying your fondest memories in your mind, you can check them out all over the lifestyle blog you kept while growing up! Here are some easy steps to getting started:

Choose a name

Your blog name is of course important, but don’t make it your #1 priority. If you want a good blog, you need good content. Try to think of something short and simple (would you want to type in a long name on a google search?) and make sure the name already doesn’t exist for another blog.

Choose a domain

If you want a successful blog, you need to make sure your domain name is original and attached to a com, .org, .ca, etc. domain. Finding a web host is a whole other ball game, but I recommend using WordPress; one of the most popular blogging platform websites today (hosting about 25% of websites). There are many plugins and added features which allow bloggers to customize their websites however they please, with many templates available that can be customized to your specific blog.

You must also make sure your domain name isn’t already taken. This may be useful to look into before you choose a name as well, as I ran into the problem of the name ‘livelaughblog’ being taken so I had to insert the dash into my domain name! Not a big deal, but it’s important to understand how the smallest things can affect your blog on a larger level.

Create content and link accounts

In order to be successful (we’re talking becoming a paid blogger), you must produce content that people want to read. You also need to be consistent with posts and ensure you are blogging at least once a day when you first start blogging. Not everyone will find your website from conducting a google search, so one of the most important steps in making sure your content is being read is to make other social media accounts for your website and link your posts. Every time you post on Instagram, make sure that also posts to Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will attract a much larger audience.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Write about topics that interest you, because you will attract readers with similar interests. If you write about something you don’t like, not only will you get bored but so will your readers! Branch out and research different topics, write articles about things that make you smile. Talk about your life, events that happened to you, and things you like to do. People will want to read your material if they see how passionate you are, so just be yourself and people will like you for you!

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