Heart and Honey January Unboxing

One of my favourite subscription boxes to receive is hands down a lifestyle box that incorporates aspects of health, enjoyment, wellness and even a little bit of fun! I love artisan-styled boxes with a variety of different products that I can use in many different aspects of my day- so when I came across the Heart and Honey Box I was thrilled.

How it Works

You can purchase a Queen Bee box starting at $69.99/month that comes with a luxury sex toy/accessory plus 3-5 premium sexual and lifestyle products .

You also have the option to purchase the Bumble Bee box for $42.50 which contains a quality sex toy/accessory plus 2-4 sexual and lifestyle products.

You have the option of also purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription for each box. All items compliment a monthly wellness theme that promotes vitality and passion.

The Box

The box comes nicely wrapped with a product card. I received this box for review purposes, and I received the Bumble Box with 3 lifestyle items and a sexual health item.

The Products

Buddha Teas Sleepy Temple Blend

I was astounded to receive this beautiful box of tea from Buddha teas that includes 18 tea bags! This tea is organic, packaged in bleach-free tea bags and provides those essential vitamins and minerals to keep up a healthy lifestyle. I tried one of these teas before bed last night as they are meant to relax you and help with sleep, and I was able to enjoy a nice snooze after sipping on a cup of tea! Retailed at $8.99.

Chocolita Strawberry Passion 78%

You can never go wrong with receiving chocolate in a subscription box, especially a combination of Dark Chocolate and Strawberries with aphrodisiac herbs to increase your passions and open your heart. I already ate this chocolate and the random bits of strawberry goodness scattered throughout the chocolate is a sweet surprise and an awesome way to enjoy chocolate! Retailed at $4.86.

Rare Essence Aromatherapy Refresh Spa Candle

I LOVE candles (I burn them almost everyday) so you can imagine how much I adore receiving a handmade, GMO-free candle made from soy and beeswax. A very lemon-y scent with litsea cubeba and lemongrass that lit up my house and made it smell amazing! Retailed at $12.00.

Chippendales Diva Messenger

To be honest I didn’t even know this was a massager used for intimate purposes until I remembered this box is intended for sexual health. This massager comes very discreet and is suggested to lead to good health, vitality and passion by increasing your oxytocin and lowering your cortisol. I opened this box with my mom present and she had absolutely no idea this was meant for anything but innocent purposes, so I guess that’s a good thing! Valued at $54.99.



This was Heart and Honey’s very first box and I think it adds a nice touch to the women’s health and lifestyle category of subscription boxes. It combines lifestyle, women’s health, and intimacy into one and offers quality, natural products. I also like the promise of including one sexual health item, because there are subscription boxes out there catered to just sexuality which may be too much for certain people. Receiving just one item is still a fun surprise to look forward to but in a discreet fashion. I definitely want to see more of Heart and Honey Box!

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