January 2017 Favourites

Believe it or not- the first month of 2017 has now come to an end. Have you done what you wanted to do? Have you achieved the goals you set out for before you rang in the new year? I feel as if I blinked and the first 1/12th of the year was over in a literal flash.


People are obsessed with setting goals and asking the famous ‘what do you plan to do’ question. Only 11 months away from 2018 (yikes), and everyone starts crazily planning what adventures can be taken to make 2017 better than the year before. That’s humanity’s problem- everything just has to be better than what it was before and I can be the first person to admit that I am a culprit of this incisive event planning, but maybe it’s human nature to think this way. I always focused on the negative aspects of my year behind me and what I did wrong, but what about what was done right? If you can no longer stand the thought of 2016 and just want to move on, what about this month? Have you experienced anything in one month that has already made your 2017 worthwhile?

Instead of looking into the future (for once) and focusing on what we want to change in the next few months, let’s take a cold hard look at January. Here are some of my favourites of January 2017:

Subscription Box

My favourite subscription box of January goes to Calla Life Box because of the promise of full-sized items, and the vast assortment that characterized this Canadian artisan women’s health box. Organic shampoo, a full-sized bottle of vitamins, face repair oil, lip balm and jewelry- need I say more? It also helps that a portion of the proceeds from each box is donated to a different charity each month. The products are promised to be organic and natural, and this month I felt this really was reflected in the contents of the box. Click here and use code LIVELAUGHBOX for 10% off your first box!


Skincare Product

This was a tough one considering I was exposed to so many amazing new products in January, but I have to give this one to Frank Body. I had never heard of them until the beginning of January but when I read about their natural coffee scrubs, I decided to give them a whirl. Their customer service was fabulous after an issue with the product leaking (they sent me a new package for free) and the products instantly made my skin smoother. This is a kit I discovered, tested and loved in January so it wins for my fave skincare product of Jan! Read more here!



Beauty Product

I had a few runner-ups in this category that were makeup and nail polish products but I couldn’t not (double negatives FTW) choose this awesome dry shampoo. I’ll be honest, I had never owned dry shampoo until this lovely Oscar Blandi product arrived in my January Boxycharm, and I found that this product works perfect for those days when you have no desire at all to get out of bed and wash your hair! I also loved how nicely it observes and sits in the hair.



I received my New Moon Tea Pre-Tox kit in the mail a couple of weeks ago and just began the pre-tox (read more about New Moon Tea and the tea cleanse here). I love how the tea came packaged, the excess of information provided along with the tea, and the way the tea-tox is structured. I have felt super healthy drinking the tea twice a day (as you’re supposed to do) and have incorporated it into my daily routine! I chose this as the winner because of how much thought and work was clearly put into structuring and formulating this tea-tox



Alcoholic Beverage

I liked (and drank) a lot of alcohol in January (who can blame me) and although it was all great, this craft beer stood out to me the most. I tried this while on my excursion in Niagara Falls last week, and although I love any kind of beer I just couldn’t get enough of the sweet peach taste mixed with the light craft beer. The alcohol percentage is low at 3.5% (boooo) but is still a delicious treat. I can see myself sitting on a patio in the summer relaxing and sipping on this bad boy. Read more the brewery here!


Home Décor Item

I don’t know if everyone would consider this to be a ‘decor’ item, but I consider candles to be home décor so I’m going to go ahead and group incense sticks into that category. I love incense sticks and was used to buying these from any store that would sell them, but I discovered a local artisan who handcrafts these bad boys with essential oils and only the most natural ingredients. They made my home smell insanely amazing and I loved to sit by them as they were burning and take in the lovely aromas. Read more here!




January seems to be off to a pretty good start with some awesome products, subscription boxes, and beverages that I had the pleasure of trying out. It was really hard choosing between some amazing products that I also loved, but maybe they’ll make the February list!

PS: If you feel down about 2017 or maybe you’re just having a bad day, make this list of your favourite things from January and I can almost guarantee your negative thoughts and bad day will turn into a positive one after you reflect on the good things!
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