Face Oils: About & Product Review

Face Oils are a relatively new concept to me. I used to think there was just cleansers and moisturizers, but being a female in the twenty first century tends to expose you to a slew of beauty products that you didn’t even know existed. I used to reject the idea of welcoming other beauty products into my very small world of face products, but my exposure to blogging and subscription boxes has certainly opened my mind into the possibilities of the beauty world.

Face oils have been around for thousands of years- even dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Roman empires for use in moisturizing and grooming. Today, face oils have taken a much more luxurious approach with price ranges from $20-$200 (at least what I’ve seen on the market).

Why Face Oils?

The remarkable thing about these luscious oils is that they can do wonders for any skin type (for the most part).

Dry skinned individuals benefit from the oils through moisture becoming locked in and protecting the skin, as well as cleansing pores and reducing redness. Oily skin? No problem, the combination of essential oils and natural/organic ingredients found in many face oils can shut down sebum production by tricking your skin into thinking it has enough oil.  Even if you have combination skin, oils can detoxify and mattify your skin with just a small amount leading to amazing results.

What’s the best oil?

There’s no right answer to this question and of course everyone will have a different opinion; it really depends on preference in terms of what essential oils are used in certain face oils and how you prefer oil to sit on the skin. Of course, the ideal situation is for pores to absorb the oil without the oils resting and shining on the skin, leading to a shiny face. There are many options on the market with a large price range, so it might help to do your homework first and individualize your face oil choice. Are you allergic or experience irritation to certain essential oils? Are you on a budget? It might be useful to research what ingredients are in different face oils. If you STILL can’t decide, there are places that sell samples of face oils for very cheap prices, such as the The Body Shop and Wonderland Organics.

I may be biased because I’ve only tried a few face oils so far, but below find a review of one of my faves!

Ruchy Oil Cleanser Rosemary/Mint

This cleanser gently lifts away makeup, oil and dirt that builds up after a long day, without the use of any harsh chemicals. Made from 100% natural ingredients.


For use:

  • Rub on face in a circular motion and remove with hot cloth
  • Before bed, use an extra drop as a moisturizer
  • Works wonders as a moisturizer on your legs

This oil cleanser is valued for $19.00 at 165 mL, which is basically good enough to last for a year or even longer if used in decent amounts. Believe it or not, this came in my Calla Life subscription box, you can read my review of the January box here!


This product comes in a pretty cylinder tube (as most oils do) and is sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about the oils leaking out. I was afraid of this when I first saw how it came in the package but it is sealed very tight.


The oils are a lighter yellow colour. I have tried a couple other face oils that come in a more orangey colour as well!


The scent isn’t overly strong, but I received the rosemary/mint oils in my Calla Life Box so I would best describe the smell as fresh and minty. I’m not a fan of any facial products being strong-scented so this fits me well.


As most face oils are, this is a very light and runny oil that you only need a couple of drops for. I would be mindful of how fast you are pouring it out, as it doesn’t take much to get out!


As mentioned above, the face oil comes in a 165 mL container which is plenty if you are using the oils sparingly. You can use oils everyday, but it would be recommended to use in the evening considering pores open at night to let the skin breathe, and air is usually drier at night.


My skin has been incredibly softer since I’ve started using face oils. I have been using this oil every night to see the effect on my skin in contingency with other facial products and I have went to work the next day with my skin basically as smooth as a baby’s bottom! I recommend face oils for anyone looking for softer, smoother skin and anyone looking to give their pores a good clean.

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