The Road Trip Diaries: Niagara Brewing Company

The Road Trip Diaries: Niagara Brewing Company

My boyfriend and I recently decided to embark on a half-week journey to a couple of places in Southern Ontario. We knew we wanted a relaxing vacation that wouldn’t cost us thousands of dollars and that would allow us to experience a little bit of a road trip, so we packed our bags and decided to do a casino road trip!

I’m not a HUGE fan of casinos considering it’s incredibly easy to blow all of your paycheck in 10 seconds, but I figured we might as well get it out of our systems now, especially since we didn’t have the means for Vegas. We chose Caesar’s Windsor Casino followed by an overnight stop at the Niagara Falls Casino. This was different from the typical all-inclusive getaway that involves sitting on a beach all day and sipping Pina Coladas until the sun goes down, but is still a vacation that I’ve personally always wanted to take for the element of fun itself.

After our casino excursion in Windsor, we stopped in at the Falls to check in on our favourite brewery in the city. I LOVE craft beer, premium meats and cheeses, and beer tastings so this place was just perfect!

“Niagara Brewing Company sits on the former site of the Foxhead Inn, one of the first luxury hotels to be built in Niagara Falls. Built and operated by Howard Fox, the Inn opened in 1925 as a subsidiary of the Clifton House, a hotel that would be lost to a dramatic fire on New Year’s Eve in 1932. From those ashes came development and progress, leading to the creation of Falls Avenue Resort and Niagara Brewing Company. And here at our brewery we honour the spirit of the fox by employing daring processes, bold flavours, and a sharp and fiery desire to create the perfect beer.”

The first thing we did was acquire the famous and amazing beer tasting that many local Niagara hotels offer for free with a stay at their hotel. You are given 6 samples (that are definitely shareable) with a description of each. The server explains what each beer is and tells you which ones are only available in-season. We have done this tasting before and it works great for us because my boyfriend is more of an ale drinker and I prefer the sweet and light flavours. I was thrilled to find out that they had included the original Honeymoon Peach Radler which is seriously amazing for those who love fruity beers, as well as a new Flapjack Maple Wheat which truly tasted like premium Canadian Maple Syrup- so good!


We ordered another tasting of beer after this and received a special ice wine beer for an extra $3.00 which incredibly tasted like the perfect combination of ice wine and beer (and actually tasted good).

We decided to order our favourite two ‘meat and cheese’ boards, which are actually called the charcuturie board and the artisan cheese board, respectively.

Charcuterie Board

-cured meats, toasted crostini, raw & pickled vegetables with a sage white bean spread

Artisan Cheese Board

-various cheese, toasted walnuts, artisan crackers, crispy naan and dried fruit with a seasonal compote


Both came with an exquisite selection of artisan cheese and meat blends, topped with crackers and a variety of homemade dips and spreads that complimented all of the flavouring. The only complaint I had throughout this whole experience was that there wasn’t enough of the meat and cheese!

We finished the evening with ordering a pitcher of the Amber Eh! Ale which has an intriguing blend of toasted grain, light caramel notes, and traditional North American hops. I liked how the prices for the beer was listed in both USD and CAD considering a lot of Americans spend time in the Canadian side of the Falls.


If you are ever in the Niagara Falls area, make the stop and come to this fantastic brewery! If you like craft beer and premium apps, you will absolutely adore this amazing place.

Visit their website here!





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