Frank Body Sweet Cheeks Kit: Review

About a week ago, I received a skin care kit from Frank Body and gave a description of the company along with the Sweet Cheeks kit that I had purchased. I said I was going to try the product out for a week (okay, it’s been 6 days, but I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow so hopefully you’ll forgive the one day difference), and then review the product after ONLY using it for a week. For a detailed run down on the products and the company, read my original article here.

I vowed to use ONLY this kit and no other facial products for a week, just to see the effect that these products truly have on the skin without the influence of anything else. Just to give a very brief synopsis, Frank Body is a skincare company originating from Australia, becoming famous for their coffee body scrub. I decided to purchase the Sweet Cheeks face kit because I wanted to see the effect the products had on my skin without anything else.


The kit comes with a cleanser, face scrub (which is basically the same as the body scrub but is lighter for the skin) and a moisturizer. It also came with a face towel (which surprised me) which is available for a limited time.

First Impression

As I discussed in the original article, my kit arrived only a couple days after ordering, but the cleanser had exploded everywhere and had covered the insides of the nice cylinder package that the products came in. I emailed the company and they responded within 12 hours, and they sent me a new kit right away. Although I was disappointed with the explosion, I was very impressed with the good customer service.

Creamy Face Cleanser


The cleanser is very metallic-like and goes on the skin easily and very smooth. I read reviews about this product and worried because people were complaining that it was too metallic-like for them, but this didn’t bother me at all. It doesn’t smell amazing but that’s a good thing considering you DON’T want fragrance or added chemicals in your skincare products. My face felt a little dry after removing the cleanser but it still made my skin feel smooth.

Creamy Face Scrub


I REALLY liked this face scrub. It smells like coffee which I don’t mind at all and is not rough or harsh on the skin, but rather feels good to scrub off extra dirt and dead skin. I started to leave it on for a couple of minutes longer as opposed to immediately scrubbing it off and my skin felt much softer after leaving it on for longer periods of time.

Everyday Face Moisturizer


I really loved this face moisturizer, as it is extremely smooth and makes your skin feel like a baby’s butt after application. It squirts out easily so I would advise to be careful when applying and to not use too much, as a little bit really does go a long way. This is probably the smoothest and runniest moisturizer I’ve ever used.

The 7 Day Result

While my experience with Frank Body was mostly positive aside from the cleanser explosion crisis, I did notice some differences in my skin. I ended up developing some acne after about 3 days of application. With progressive use, the acne didn’t get worse and slowly went down, but for me at least, this product wasn’t used for preventing acne. It did make my skin very soft after application, which I especially realized when I was receiving compliments about my smooth looking skin. My skin became a little dry after nearly 24 hours without using the products, but wasn’t unbearably dry and could be easily fixed with more product application. I could also attribute the dryness to the winter, had this trial been done in the summer I could have achieved different results.



Overall, depending on the kind of skin you have, these products are definitely worth looking into trying. The kit is $49.95 for all three products, which I don’t think is a bad deal at all considering you get three full sized facial routine products. On top of that, there is free shipping to most countries and the products are made with natural ingredients, including and most importantly; coffee! My skin is a little smoother had I not used these products and my skin tone is a little bit more even.

If you want to find out more and purchase these products, click here to get yours today!

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