Feeling Fab January Subscription Box Review & Unboxing!

When looking to find the perfect subscription box(es) that fit you like a glove, as I’ve stated before there are literally A THOUSAND options out there for pretty much any specific type of box you’re looking for. There’s always a new and emerging box or a billion different boxes that fit under ‘health and beauty’ or ‘food’. So how on earth do you decide which one to purchase? I’ve been trying out tons of different subscription boxes that fit under many categories, with my goal to give you a comprehensive review of the boxes which will hopefully allow you to choose the best one for yourself!

In the ‘health and beauty’ section of subscription boxes, I have noticed that a lot of boxes contain generic products that you can easily find in-store. Not that this isn’t appealing to me, but my favourite boxes are those that contain items I probably never would have thought to buy for myself, but that I end up using and really liking. I also love supporting businesses that have newly emerged and want to get the word out about their products- and this subscription box fits both of those categories perfectly!

Feeling Fab is a new subscription box from New York, New York with 5-7 handpicked beauty and wellness products each month. They are also unique because they pick a theme that centers around their items each month. They launched in October 2016 and have only had 3 boxes so far, but I have really loved the themes and the products that have come in previous boxes!

The Box

This month’s box has the theme ‘Post-Holiday Detox’. I was super excited to receive this box because the holidays definitely took me as its victim with junk food and weight gain, so I am definitely in order to detox my system!

The box comes in a small cardboard box with the logo around the middle. I thought this was a very cute parcel and I liked that the box wasn’t too big.16129465_10158043155220655_641589819_o.jpg

The Price

This box is $34.99 for one month with the option to purchase 3 and 6 month plan subscriptions. You can save 10% with the 3 month plan and 15% with the 6 month plan. As with previous subscription boxes from The USA (if you are Canadian), the conversion rate can be quite a bit once you add shipping and taxes for Canadians. I ended up paying about $50.00 for my box by the time the money was converted into CAD.

The Contents

As soon as I opened the box, I saw this nice product card that I always appreciate getting in boxes. It tells you the product, the price, and then a small description of the product which I find a wonderful feature to add!


Lyeska Facial Cleanser- Siberian Cedar Nut

This cleanser retails for $38.00 and is 100% natural and 61% organic. There are no GMOs, parabens, toxins and it is not tested on animals. This cleanser is great for not stripping away natural oils on the face but still leaving your skin silky and smooth! I have not had a chance to try this out yet but will provide a review once I do!



Facial Steam and Cleaning Grains by Herbal Moon Apothecary

Both retailing at $6.50 USD each, the Facial Steam is meant for hot water to be poured over the herbs, while you sit with your face (wrapped in a towel) over the steam to absorb the nutrients, clean out the pores and reduce inflammation. The cleansing grains are made to be a soft and gentle cleanser to nourish skin. I would imagine you could use the grains right after using the face steam for ultimate results. Both were started from an Etsy page from a family who wanted to create natural and organic products, which I just love supporting!


Andalou Naturals Instant Clarity Face Mask

This face mask is perfect for those who struggle with huge pores (like me) and want a mask that will clear away those impurities! Retailing at about $3.75, this mask is formulated with blue French clay, Argan oil and fruit stem cell complex!


New England Naturals Face Brush Natural Bristles

This is something new and interesting; when I saw this I assumed it was just another hair brush but it is actually a brush FOR YOUR FACE to get cleansers and other face products to really do their job and get deep into your pores! Gently exfoliate your skin with this brush but don’t overdo it- only about twice a week is enough! Retailed at $8.00.

Aloha Plant Based Protein Bar

Yum! I love getting different kinds of healthy foods-especially ones that are vegan/organic-in my subscription boxes. I love trying out new protein bars as well because I find that I either like the taste of some protein bars or I don’t. I was super excited to try this peanut butter chocolate chip protein bar, as I LOVE peanut butter! I’ve already wolfed this snack down and let me tell you-it’s delicious! I also felt healthy eating this and knowing this bar is vegan, and is free of pretty much any sort of artificial colour or flavor you could imagine. Retailed at $5.40.


Aloha Dietary Supplement Daily Good Greens

Another treat from Aloha, this time it looks like some chocolate protein powder to add to your shakes, water, or really any kind of meal you’re making! That’s what I love about protein powder; the fact that you can pretty much add it to anything and you can feel good knowing that you’re eating something healthy! For 15 pouches and for a one time purchase, these are $45.00, and are $75.00 for 30 pouches.


The Result

This was my first time receiving the Feeling Fab box and as with most beauty subscription boxes, I was really pleased with the variety of products and how the company stayed true to the ‘post-holiday detox’ theme. I feel as though the products could be used all at different times or together at once. I’ve already planned on spending my Saturday night in this weekend and trying out the facial steam cleanse and the mask, so I’ll definitely give an update once I try out these products! I also love how the company stayed true to only choosing organic and natural products to include in their boxes; this makes me feel confident that what I am putting on my skin and in my body is pure and natural. I chose to only receive this one box and not continue my subscription for the time being, and the only reason for that is money and the hefty CAD-USD conversion rates. Other than that, I really love this box and can’t wait to try it out again one day!


Click here to purchase yours today! http://www.feelingfabbox.com/

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