Calm Box January Review and Unboxing!

I love subscription boxes that deliver a specific purpose every month-especially a purpose that is helpful and calming to anyone who receives it. That’s the exact message of the Calm Box- to provide items that calm and relax the mind while instilling a sense of health and goodness into your everyday life. I first heard about the calm box while I was researching boxes that deliver organic and natural goods. When I watched some unboxing videos on YouTube and discovered this box had a specific theme every month, but always sent tea, an organic candy and other calm-related items; I needed to get my hands on it to try out!

The Box


The Calm box comes in a small white box that has ‘calmbox’ written on the side. The logo is a nice blue Inuksuk (often associated with meditation and calming practices). The box is small but I prefer smaller boxes considering subscription box deliveries to my house every month isn’t fun when you come home and discover huge boxes sitting outside your door for anyone to take. Small boxes FTW!

The Cost

This box is on a monthly subscription basis and costs $35/month plus free shipping for USA residents. I live in Canada, so shipping is an extra $10.00 to Canada and $15.00 to the rest of the world. The prices are also in USD so if you live internationally make sure you know the conversion rate before you purchase!

The Products



When you first open this box, I love the product card that appears at the top of the pile. It has a picture of each item and explains each one in case you aren’t sure what something is used for. This box typically comes with 5-7 full sized products.

Yogi Relaxed Mind Tea

This tea promotes tranquility and is made 100% natural with organic sage and lavender. This box usually includes some sort of herbal tea or calming tea if you need time to just relax and enjoy sipping on a cup of tea. A bag of 16 tea bags retails for $4.89.


YumEarth Anti-oxifruits- Organic Vitamin C Drops

I LOVE getting candy in subscription boxes. I am only  mildly obsessed with candy (totally kidding) and it makes my day when I can eat treats that are not only organic, but gluten free, naturally flavoured and created without any toxins or artificial flavours! This hard candy is awesome and comes with 4 different flavours. The sweet taste is addicting (I’ve almost finished my entire bag-oooops!). This bag retails online for $3.50.

Cuccio Somatology Balancing Lotion

This ultra sheer lotion delivers hydrating emollients to dry, damaged skin. It’s great for massage, personal use, or yoga classes. It has a very light chamomile scent and doesn’t appear to be harsh at all on the skin. I would have to try it out a couple more times to give a more thorough review, but so far I like the smell and how light the product seems. This product retails online for $8.95.


Cuccio Somatology Yoga Elixir Calming Spray

Another product from Cuccio, this time in the form of a spray for any room or studio for a relaxing and calming yoga experience or refreshment as a mid-day pick me up.  Can be used as room spray, on moist towels in a spa setting or in between yoga classes at a studio. Retails online at $8.95.


A String of Wishes

I thought this bracelet was a really nice idea, it is meant to stay on until it frays or falls off (the website says this can take up to 10 months) so you would want to wear it somewhere comfortable, whether its on your ankle or your wrist. The strings come on different cards with different messages that could be applied to any special occasion or event. The idea is to make a wish when you put the bracelet on, and then when it falls off it should come true. They retail to about $5-7 Canadian (the website is in pounds).


Live Inspired Yes, You Set

I have received cards like this before and I really like the concept of positive message cards. If you or anyone you know needs a pick me up or a positive message, you give them one of these cards or read one for yourself. They are small enough to carry around in a purse and come in a really cute box. They retail for $10.95.

The Result

I’ve always been happy with my calm box, as the contents are always organic, natural, healthy, positive items that I can definitely use on a daily basis. However, I have chose not to continue with my subscription for the time being- mostly because of USD-CAD conversion rates and that this box is $60 for Canadians after shipping as well. The items are really nice though, and I like that the box supports small and local businesses. Just because I cancelled, don’t be discouraged by this box. It is an amazing box filled with positivity and healthy living choices. Especially if you live in the US where shipping is free, this box is definitely worth it!


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