The Clean Face Trials: Frank Body Sweet Cheeks Kit

I’ve had bad skin for pretty much my entire life. When I was starting my awkward pre-teen years (early bloomer in my case) I had to deal with outrageous acne, blemishes, red spots, blackheads, etc. before any of my friends did. I prepared for names like ‘pizza face’ and people whispering behind my back laughing that I never cleaned my face- when in reality I DID clean my face. I cleaned it ALL the time, but nothing worked. I tried all of the products out there from drugstores, I ordered ProActiv, I asked health care workers for opinions and yet nothing seemed to clear up my face except for puberty. So finally, in my twenties, I can confidently say that I have landed at a point in my life where I am satisfied with my skin.

What I put onto my skin now is a lot more monitored and carefully selected. I don’t use products from the drugstore- I instead try to choose products that come organic, paraben-free, and without any added toxins. I am aware that many drugstore brands use ingredients that dry up the skin quickly and only act as cleansers temporarily, without providing a lasting feeling. I’m still learning about all of the different kinds of products we put onto our skin, which is why I love trying out new products and seeing what works best and what doesn’t.

I recently discovered Frank Body- an Australian company that became famous for using coffee in their body scrubs. It makes sense- coffee is rough enough to scrub away dead skin but also smooth enough to even out the skin with its added antioxidants. Coffee also has the same pH as skin, so you’re not risking anything by adding too much acidity to your skincare routine.

I found the Sweet Cheeks kit from Frank Body which comes with a cleanser, face scrub and moisturizer- all for $49.95. I ALWAYS read reviews before making a purchase and these products seem to be quite popular for smoothing out skin and making those cheeks feel nice and soft. I did find negative reviews but they seemed to be mostly from people who had a reaction to the Frank products, which didn’t drive me away considering everyone can be allergic to something at some point in their lives.

I already have a number of different products I use in my daily skin care regimen but for testing purposes I’m going to use the Sweet Cheeks Kit everyday for a week WITHOUT using other products and see the end result. I will post a full review at the end of the my experiment but here are some details on the actual products..


The Box

I actually loved how the products arrived to my house in this cute cylinder package. I thought this was a terrific way to save space and this is definitely a unique way to market products instead of sending a boring rectangular box. I was disappointed because when I opened my box, my cleanser had exploded all over the other products which was definitely not a great way to start with this company, but I e-mailed customer support with pictures of the mess and they responded within 12 hours, saying they would send me a new package for free. Any company who has good customer service and is willing to send new products for free, definitely gets an A+ in my books.

The Products

My Sweet Cheeks kit also came with a face towel which was a  nice surprise (although it now indicates on the website that for a limited time, buyers will receive a face cloth with this kit- so clearly I missed the memo). The products are a bit smaller than I thought but you only need a dime-sized amount of each.


Here is a description of each product from the website:

Creamy Face Cleanser

Step 1 of your face routine. A creamy, dreamy face cleanser that washes away dirt and bad days. Grey, not gloomy; this cleanser nourishes the skin and replenishes moisture levels.

Creamy Face Scrub

Step 2: You’re halfway there babe. A face scrub for babes who are fussy about what they put on their face. It’s gritty and gentle all at once, buffing away dull skin to reveal a healthy glow to make your sweet cheeks even sweeter than before.

Everyday Face Moisturizer

The final step to get glowing skin. The Everyday Face Moisturizer is gentle enough for sensitive skinned babes, whilst lightweight enough for babes with fussy faces. Perfect to wear under makeup and under the covers.



I have only used these products once so far, so I can’t give a full review until I have actually tested them out for the week that I intend to. But I can say, that immediately after usage and continuing on into the next day, my skin was SOFT AF. Seriously, my cheeks feel like a baby’s bum. My mom commented on my skin after taking just one look at me and asking what I had used. If I get the same results after a week as I had one day, Frank is going to get one hell of a review!


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