The Bad Day Chronicles: Turn that Frown Upside Down

It happens to the best of us; you wake up one morning and you don’t feel well. Maybe you woke up with a sore throat and don’t have any cough drops or remedies in your cupboard to soothe that soreness. Maybe you realized while walking to work that you forgot your lunch. Maybe you wanted to jump into a hole and never come out because you can barely afford to buy yourself a bagel, let alone an actual hearty, healthy lunch. And maybe you didn’t get the traffic you were hoping for on a certain post or social media rambling, and now you have to recalculate when you are going to hit your goals. Of course there’s the other trouble that eating healthier and cutting down the sugar content is a mere fantasy, considering you gobbled down the remainder of your Christmas chocolate the night before.

If you hadn’t already guessed, all the above indeed happened to me this morning and yes, I feel like crap walking into work and wondering how on earth I’m going to get through my day. If you’re anything like me, overthinking is just another part of your personality that comes out anytime an event happens that could potentially turn into something bad. My mind wanders and churns every event into a complete and utter horror story that can only be fixed by wine or a long tropical vacation.

After writing this and reflecting on my day, I feel better having got the troubles and worries off my chest. But what’s next? Should I continue my day and feel bad for myself about the bad condition of my throat and how hungry I know I’m going to get later in the day? The answer is no. It’s easy to picture yourself wanting to envision a happier and healthier day for yourself, but its even easier to say “I’ll start tomorrow” and just continue the same old habits that you promised yourself you would break.

The reason I’m writing this post (besides the rambling aspect) is to show that even though I’m having a really freaking terrible, no good, awful day; I’m going to set a goal to at least change my perception on ONE old or bad habit in order to turn this day around. So how can you do that?

Think of one thing you always wanted to change or do, and simply do it.

I’ll just use myself as an example here, I’ve wanted to change the way I’ve been eating for a long time. Especially with Christmas and the holidays just behind us, receiving chocolates and sugar for Christmas is no surprise (I literally had an entire bag full of sugar). I was used to coming home after work every day and indulging in a nice chocolate treat to feel better about my long work day, and then drinking juice and eating some kind of pastry snack. Therefore, I will set my goal for the remainder of today to not eat any junk food at all.

Start off Small

One of the hardest parts of setting goals is envisioning yourself months or years down the road living the lifestyle that you want to live; but the problem is how unrealistic many of those goals are. I’m not saying don’t set goals, but I’m saying to start off setting goals from a day-to-day basis and make small changes first before you make drastic changes. For example, if you want to get fit and you made that your New Year’s resolution, that’s a fantastic goal to have. Many people fall short of that goal and give up after a couple of weeks because they just want to jump from not being fit-to being fit. Set a smaller goal-if you really like chocolate, set a goal to just cut out chocolate for the next couple of days instead of changing your entire diet all at once. Once you can adjust to these small changes overtime, losing weight and working out will be much easier.


The Moral of the Story

Regardless of what you want to achieve for yourself down the road or how you want the rest of your day to go, YOU are in complete control of what you decide to do or not to do. Make the active choice to start changing little things and as the days go by, you will find yourself slowly adapting to these changes as opposed to jumping into something and then rushing to get to the end result. Progress and results take time, so be patient with yourself. Give yourself credit for trying, and even if you are having the worst day in all of eternity; remember that you have the power to turn that day upside down!

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