Boxycharm January Unboxing!

Boxycharm is just one of those subscription boxes that knows exactly how to satisfy customers with their full sized products and it costs an unbelievably cheap price for the value.. only $21.00 a month!

I struggled for a while deciding what make-up subscription box was for me as there are so many great options our there with Ipsy, TopBox, Beauty Box 5, etc. and I landed on Boxycharm after I compared the value of all of the boxes and realized that Boxycharm gave the most full-sized products for a relatively cheap price. Although Ipsy and Topbox ring in at around $12-14 per month including S&H, they typically include more sample sized products and I was looking for full-sized.

The Facts: You will receive 4 to 5 full-size beauty items in each box ranging from makeup to skincare, beauty tools to color cosmetics and each box has a value of $100 and up.

The Price: Boxycharm is only $21.00/month with free shipping in the USA, but it ships internationally. There are 3, 6, and 12 month plans where you can save money depending on the subscription you purchase (where you would save the most money for a 12 month subscription).

Shipping: I received my box fairly fast, as it renewed on the 1st of January and I received it on the 11th.

The Contents: This month’s box came with 5 products (it usually does) that were all full-sized and mostly make-up and hair related.


The box comes with a card that explains the contents within the box and how much each product is worth, as well as how to use each product. I love getting these cards because it definitely helps to know that you’re getting these products for a HELL of a lot cheaper than if you were to buy them in-store.


  • Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray

The first product I noticed was this amazing dry shampoo spray that I have been wanting to get for a while now, but just kept making excuses as to why I didn’t want to put my money into dry shampoo. This bottle is worth $23.00 and is a life saver when you have those lazy days where you just don’t feel like washing your hair.


  • Vintage by Jessica Liebeskind Illuminating Face Highlighter Set

Boxycharm usually releases a spoiler or talks about its most expensive item, and for this month this was the product! This is am amazing highlighter that can be used on the cheeks, chin, forehead, and especially over blush/bronzer. Its worth is $35.00 and I love that it came with 2 different shades for your different makeup looks/moods!



  • Pur-lisse Daily Lip Nourisher with Mango and Shea Butter

I love getting lip products in subscription boxes because you can never go wrong with hydrating your lips, especially within these cold winter months! This bottle goes for $16.00 and used sparingly, it can definitely last you a while.


  • PUR Mineral Glow Bronzing Powder

I thought it was pretty great that this box came with both highlighter and bronzing powder that can be used alone or to compliment each other. This bronzing powder is worth $25.00 and comes in a really nice and natural light shade.


  • Crown Soft Fan Brush

This brush is intended for use for highlighters, blushes, bronzers, even powder foundations. I was a huge fan of the fact that Boxycharm included this brush to go with the highlighter and the bronzer. It runs for $12.99.


  • The Result

As per usual, I was very thrilled with the amazing contents in this month’s box. Last month, I had an issue with the packaging and had a black powder-like substance spilled all over my products so I wasn’t happy about that. However, I really can’t say enough about the quality of these products. This is hands down the best subscription box if you want to receive full-sized products for a great value. For the time being, I have decided to explore a few other beauty subscription boxes and will be cancelling my membership for the time-being, although I’m certain I will land back at Boxycharm in the near future.

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