Little Life Box- January Unboxing!

I absolutely love receiving Lifestyle Boxes in the mail that contain tons of different items catered to your beauty, nutrition and skincare needs. If you’re like me and you like trying out tons of different items, there’s a 99.9% chance you will love this box.

The Facts: Little Life Box is a monthly subscription service based out of Canada that includes 8-12 new healthy items (skincare, snacks, vitamins and lifestyle) to discover every month.

The Price: Little Life Box is $19.00/month plus $8.00 shipping and handling. You can also purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription for $18.00, $17.00 and $16.00 respectively, or a gift box for $25.00 which is a one-time purchase.

Shipping: I paid for this box back in December when I was first starting out with Subscription boxes. I read the FAQ section on the website that stated if you ordered after the last day of the month, you would receive the next month’s box, so I knew I wouldn’t be receiving mine until January.

The Contents: This month’s box came with 11 items in my box (this could differ for everyone). I received three samples that came in duplicates but I counted those samples as one each.


The box comes in a nice white box that is nicely sealed and not too heavy.


When I first opened the box, I saw this cute little card that briefly talks about the contents of the box. I liked the wrapping paper and how easy it is to take off.


The first item that was on top of the other items was this Sweet Tools by Life Candy Professional French Wedges. It comes with 18 wedges which is plenty to last anyone from 6 months- a year, and are shaped in a star-like formation to make it easy to apply makeup.


The samples that came in this month’s box were Sisu Vitamin D3 for Kids, Fiberrific (a fiber powder to add to beverages and/or food), and Earth’s Care Dry and Cracked Skin Balm for that dry winter skin.


Alas, one of my favourite items! I absolutely love Kiju Organic Juices, they are organic with natural flavouring and low sugar content and they taste AMAZING! I also love the flavor for this month, Cranberry Pomegranate Blueberry!


I am super excited to try this facial scrub as there are so many different scrubs out there that are great for your skin! This is a brightening Facial Scrub from Acure, containing argan extract and clorella. It comes in a brown-black colour and smells really good!


I think this electrolyte supplement from ConcenTrace by monnol is a TERRIFIC idea, especially for curing those hangovers by loading up on electrolytes (and not having to go to the store to buy Gatorade). This is also derived from seawater and will fill your system up with the minerals needed for a sick or hungover you!


This is one of the full-sized items that Little Life Box included in this month’s box, and I absolutely love it! You can cook a ton of dishes with this5 grain Medley with Quinoa by GoGo Quinoa, and I love the fact that it’s organic, gluten-free and non-GMO.


I love getting new food samples to try out in subscription boxes, and I especially love getting snacks to take to work with me! This gum is awesome and tastes exactly as it says- like chocolate mint! I haven’t tried the Sweet and Salty bar but the peanuts held together with a toffee-like substance looks pretty great to me.


Lastly in the box is Morning Glory by Vida Grains, which seems to be a sample of grains that you can add to your food, specifically your morning breakfast, for a shot of goodness in the morning.


What did I think? This is my first time receiving Little Life Box and I was impressed with receiving 11 items in my box. The box came 5 full sized items and 6 samples which seems reasonable, but samples go very quickly so the only thing I would recommend would be to include a couple more full sized items if possible. Other than that, the range of items and different categories appealing to beauty, skincare and nutrition were great. These items will allow me to try out a number of different products that I wouldn’t have tried if I didn’t get this box; and the bonus is that everything in this box is healthy!

Click here to purchase this amazing box and receive your variety of lifestyle products:

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