And the winner for best Nail Polish goes to….

And the winner for best Nail Polish goes to….

I received my first Shellac Nail Polish treatment after my mother purchased me a birthday gift certificate for a nail salon. We went together and got our nails done, and since it was December I decided to get a Christmas theme with red and silver nails. I didn’t know what to expect with Shellac so I was a little surprised when I was told to come back in order to remove the Shellac from the nails as the nail polish would be permanently attached until I did so.

I honestly have never been a huge fan of nail polish until I became obsessed with subscription boxes and received a particular nail polish in one of boxes, right around the same time I got my Shellac manicure. My nails grow really fast so the Shellac was starting to not look as pretty as it did before, and although this is definitely NOT how you want to handle Shellac nails… I may or may not have taken them off at my own discretion, oops. I decided to give this new nail polish a whirl, thinking it was probably just another mediocre polish that would last a day or two. It was a gorgeous pinky nude colour which has largely defined 2016’s style trends. I had told my best friend that I got Shellac done and when she came over and saw my nails, she grabbed my hand and complicated the amazing Shellac work. Little did she know.. this was just a regular nail polish!

And the winner is…

The amazing nail polish that wins my pick for best of 2016 is..


ZOYA Nail Polish!

This nail polish wins for a number of reasons:

  • It is a VEGAN nail polish
  • ZOYA removes prominent toxins that are included in a number of different nail polishes; these toxins are DBP, toluene, camphor and formaldehyde
  • Because ZOYA does not include these toxins, it is considered an environmentally friendly nail polish
  • ZOYA is natural and toxin free
  • The website offers over 100 different colours to choose from in a variety of shades for only $10.00 each, which is amazing compared to many other drugstore brands. There are also nail polish removers and nail treatment kits available
  • It is INCREDIBLY long lasting!

My favourite feature of ZOYA nail polishes- aside from the lack of toxins and chemicals- is the fact that this polish stays on for a week, sometimes longer, without chipping at all. My friend legitimately thought my ZOYA polish was a Shellac manicure. The colour is also amazing considering I have been searching for a good nude shade of nail polish and this one just showed up at my door in my FabFitFun box!


What’s your favourite nail polish?

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