Face Oils are a relatively new concept to me. I used to think there was just cleansers and moisturizers, but being a female in the twenty first century tends to expose you to a slew of beauty products that you didn’t even know existed. I used to reject the idea of welcoming other beauty products into my very small world of face products, but my exposure to blogging and subscription boxes has certainly opened my mind into the possibilities of the beauty world. Face oils have been around for thousands of years- even dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Roman empires for use inRead More →

Being a lifestyle/beauty blogger, I love trying and reviewing all sorts of different beauty products but there is something that I just adore about sampling face masks. I have tried all kinds of different masks from the drugstore that claim to clean your pores in seconds and be extremely beneficial for your skin, but I never noticed a big difference. The next day, my pores were just as huge and my skin was just as dry. After I heard of and contacted the luxury subscription box company MapleBlume, they were gracious enough to send me a box for review and I discovered the amazing Herbivore Botanicals Clay Mask. IRead More →

My boyfriend and I recently decided to embark on a half-week journey to a couple of places in Southern Ontario. We knew we wanted a relaxing vacation that wouldn’t cost us thousands of dollars and that would allow us to experience a little bit of a road trip, so we packed our bags and decided to do a casino road trip! I’m not a HUGE fan of casinos considering it’s incredibly easy to blow all of your paycheck in 10 seconds, but I figured we might as well get it out of our systems now, especially since we didn’t have the means for Vegas. WeRead More →

One of the biggest misconceptions about millennials is that everything we do, everywhere we go, we are taking our sweet time getting there and not thinking about the consequences of our actions. I think there is an element of truth in this ideal, as I can agree that millennials grew up in a generation surrounded by emerging technologies and prolonged education; therefore living at home longer with parents, taking longer to get married and have children, and even defying the odds by deciding against marriage, children, or the typical nuclear household that held generation x and the baby boomers in place. We are a generation definedRead More →

About a week ago, I received a skin care kit from Frank Body and gave a description of the company along with the Sweet Cheeks kit that I had purchased. I said I was going to try the product out for a week (okay, it’s been 6 days, but I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow so hopefully you’ll forgive the one day difference), and then review the product after ONLY using it for a week. For a detailed run down on the products and the company, read my original article here. I vowed to use ONLY this kit and no other facial products for a week,Read More →

For all of the bloggers out there, no matter what kinds of topics you write about, do you ever have that moment when you’re finally sitting at your computer, sweatpants on, hair tied up, ready to write; and your mind goes blank? Your fingers are literally on the keyboard, about to start typing away your next big blog post, but you just can’t think of what to write about. Where do you find the inspiration to develop an awesome post? Where do you search to find the thing you’re passionate about, and then produce even more passionate material? I have struggled with writing good postsRead More →

When looking to find the perfect subscription box(es) that fit you like a glove, as I’ve stated before there are literally A THOUSAND options out there for pretty much any specific type of box you’re looking for. There’s always a new and emerging box or a billion different boxes that fit under ‘health and beauty’ or ‘food’. So how on earth do you decide which one to purchase? I’ve been trying out tons of different subscription boxes that fit under many categories, with my goal to give you a comprehensive review of the boxes which will hopefully allow you to choose the best one for yourself! InRead More →

I adore subscription boxes that support small businesses. I love finding items in my boxes that come from local, Canadian companies because I know that I’m supporting someone’s family, helping to put food on someone’s table or sending a child to dance class as opposed to supporting a CEO purchasing his third yacht. This is why I love the Calla Life Box, because not only does the company only include products from local Canadian businesses, but a portion of every single box purchased goes to a deserving charity. This is my second time receiving this box and I love the concept and the variety of goodsRead More →

I love subscription boxes that deliver a specific purpose every month-especially a purpose that is helpful and calming to anyone who receives it. That’s the exact message of the Calm Box- to provide items that calm and relax the mind while instilling a sense of health and goodness into your everyday life. I first heard about the calm box while I was researching boxes that deliver organic and natural goods. When I watched some unboxing videos on YouTube and discovered this box had a specific theme every month, but always sent tea, an organic candy and other calm-related items; I needed to get my hands on itRead More →