Why Seeing Western Canada is Next on my Bucket List

I have not yet had the privilege of packing my bags and heading out to the Western part of Canada that I have been wanting to see since I can remember. Especially living in a part of Canada that doesn’t have vast landscapes and scenery like Western Canada does, has sparked my interest even that much more. I have always been a traveler at heart, but limited financial means and a busy schedule have always constricted me from fulfilling those dreams. I have decided to take some time off this year and attempt to see some places I have not yet seen, with Alberta and British Columbia being high on that list.

I have a friend who recently took a couple of weeks to visit these beautiful parts of Canada with her loved ones. She took absolutely breathtaking photos and like the awesome person she is, she is letting me share them for everyone to see. Her IG page is @s_lle if you want to go and check out her amazing work!

This picture is absolutely stunning, it almost looks like a painting. I couldn’t even imagine standing next to a view like that, but my friend clearly has some amazing photography skills.

One of the main reasons to go out west is for the views. You can’t achieve sights like this in many parts of Canada, seriously, the mountains are just incredible.


This shot was taken by my friend outside of Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. It is highly known for its vegetation and stunning colours and plants of all different kinds. It is also an incredible point to view wildlife, who are drawn to the large body of water.

This is another reason to visit; the ability to view wildlife and all kinds of different plants, animals, colours and aspects of nature that you just couldn’t get from an industrial setting.


I also believe that heading out west can give you a new sense of clarity that you just cannot reach by living in a crowded city. You are exposed to so many new aspects of life that you didn’t know existed. You are able to clear your mind, and maybe even learn new things about yourself while travelling and discovering new places. I’ve heard before that taking a trip somewhere out of your comfort zone changes people’s lives and causes them to realize things about their own journey and themselves that they didn’t ever before realize.

Lastly, I am from Canada and I have only visited two Provinces in my 23 years on this planet. Although I am eager to visit the rest of the world, I have always wanted to see the beauty of Canada; the country I am proud to say I live in.

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