Tea Sparrow Subscription Box Review- December Box!

Tea Sparrow Subscription Box Review- December Box!

I started to build my tea collection about a year ago (mostly with David’s Tea) and I remember I became so obsessed that I was drinking tea sometimes 2, 3 or even 4 times a day. I even had to get a new kettle because I broke our 20-year-old one from over-usage.

After trying many, many, MANY different kinds of tea from David’s Tea, I decided it was time to branch out and try other brands; namely organic tea that is difficult to find in stores. I started searching for tea subscription boxes but I found many were overpriced and didn’t include as much tea as I was hoping for, or did not promise a large variety of tea but promised an expensive S&H rate.

I discovered Tea Sparrow on a fellow subscription unboxer’s review website. I was very attracted to this particular box because of the variety of tea that comes in each box monthly, as well as the low price of $20/month for 4 premium samples of different types of tea. I decided to give this box a try as I had read many positive reviews on it (I always read reviews first before purchasing anything).

Price: I received my first box of Tea Sparrow for only $12.00/month through a promotional code. If you think about it, this is an amazing deal considering you get 4 samples of tea for only $4.00 each. Some places charge this much just for one cup of tea. This also included my S&H rate which I was ecstatic about, because some places nab you by charging an extra $20-30 just for S&H, so I was thrilled with this price.

Box: The tea arrives in a thin, brown box that is perfectly convenient if you don’t like receiving huge boxes in the mail. On the inside of the box are instructions and information on the tea. When I opened my box, a small piece of paper fell out that provided a little description of each flavor of tea surrounding the December theme. I thought this was a nice touch as it made the experience of receiving the tea a lot more personalized than generic. The packets of tea come in re-sealable brown packets that are the perfect size to store in your cabinet, purse, or wherever you decide to store tea.

Teas: The December Box came with 4 teas:

  • Safari Oolong
  • Cream of Earl Grey (Black)
  • Winter Almond Rooibos
  • Organic Christmas Delight (Herbal)


Each tea packet contained instructions on how to brew, as well as a section for the ingredients in each tea packet. Full of organic, beneficial and healthy ingredients with a variety to choose from, these teas reflected everything that the holidays mean to me.

Result: I was really pleased with this month’s Tea Sparrow subscription box. I always try to provide the most honest reviews as possible and if I have a critique, I will point it out. However, I honestly can’t find anything wrong with this subscription box. The variety is wonderful, with 4 different types of teas to sample. I was pleasantly surprised with the Safari Oolong tea, as I drank Oolong tea for a couple of months about a year ago when I was trying to lose weight and I definitely noticed a difference. This tea definitely gives a nice addition to the other teas that seem to be more holiday-themed. I am also quite pleased with the size of the packets, as each one can give you about 6-10 cups of tea (depending on how much you use), so that’s only $20 for 24-40 cups of tea (where $20.00 at the local coffee shop can buy you about 5-10 cups of tea). If you are contemplating on where you should get your first tea subscription box, this company gives you plentiful sample sizes, good/organic tea, a wide variety of tea to choose from and enough information so you know exactly what you are consuming.

Visit https://www.teasparrow.com/ to go get your first box now!

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  1. Author

    What a great idea! I’m someone who loves tea, but I easily fall into a rut by drinking the same kind over and over. This sounds like a good way to learn more about tea itself. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Author

      Subscription boxes are great for that because you get a variety of items and can choose to continue with the subscription or cancel 🙂

  2. Author

    3-4 cups of tea a day?! Plainly you’re not from Yorkshire… I drink that number before finishing breakfast! When you get up into double figures, THEN we can talk! 😀

    I bought a subscription to TeaSparrow for my wife this Christmas (though didn’t get the great discount you found: well done) – the idea being that she could try lots of different teas and find some new ones she liked. I was surprised that they don’t actually sell these teas themselves. Every sachet has a web link to the actual supplier if you’d like to buy more. Unfortunately though, the December Rooibos doesn’t seem to be stocked by TeaDesire (https://www.teadesire.com/) any more. 🙁
    I’m looking forward to seeing what she gets in future months, and agree it’s a great way to try new teas you might not otherwise find. I have to say though that I personally like to have tea in my tea rather than this new trend for mixing it with pot pourri and floor sweepings (see above, re Yorkshire). Happy New Year!

    1. Author

      Update: The friendly folks at Tea Desire set me straight. Because of the huge interest in “Winter Almond Rooibos”… they’ve just renamed it to “Chocolate Almond Rooibos” so they can sell it all year! I bought a 250g packet for The Boss, and all is good in the pachyderm household. Tea Desire have pretty pricey S&H though unless you’re buying more than $50. Just be aware…

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