My Top 3: Stocking Stuffers

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is finding little, but useful items to fill my loved ones stockings with on Christmas. Not only can you find some seriously useful things that are not only small but extremely adequate for daily use and that people seriously LOVE. Here’s my list..

1. Body/Bath items

Every year my Grandma includes this adorable array of stocking stuffers into my stocking full of good smelling, mini sized chapsticks, hand gels, body/hand creams and shower gels that are seriously useful not only for travel but also for everyday use if you don’t feel like buying a gigantic bottle of something.

2. Anything of my favourite brand

This year my family was 1000% aware that I am obsessed with Arbonne products so they put together a beautiful stocking with some of Arbonne’s best products and some little items they could think of (i.e. fizz sticks, fit chews, protein powder, etc.). Think of something that special someone loves and put together a stocking of goods for them!

3. Candy/chocolate/alcohol

Whether you like candy, chocolate or are obsessed with mini bottles of laquer, I am obsessed with finding my favourite candy (mainly retro 5o’s candy and small bottles of Bailey’s/alcoholic egg nog) in my stocking. Mini versions of anything definitely makes for a good gift.

If you combine the above 3, or a combination of whatever that special person loves, I promise you won’t go wrong!

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