3 Things I want to achieve with livelaughbox

I am fairly new to the world of blogging but I had been contemplating and researching the best ways to display my blog for months before I actually started it. I didn’t even start my entrance to the social media world with this blog, I started it with my Instagram account livelaughbox. I remember scrolling through Instagram one evening after work and I came across a subscription box, Urthbox, that claimed to deliver healthy snacks to your door in a box on a monthly basis. ‘Cool, this is awesome,’ I thought as I searched the website and looked at the various options of boxes. Before I make any major online ordering decisions, I always read reviews first, so naturally I came across hundreds of reviews on the subscription box company and was a little weary with the mentions of bad customer service. I decided to continue to look up boxes and I found at least a dozen more that also delivered healthy snacks and for not a bad price. The first box I ordered was Love With Food, and it caught my attention because the December box was curated by none other than Tiffany Theisson from Saved by the Bell, and the company donated a portion of the proceeds from each box purchased to feed hungry children around the world.15127454_10157821454370655_139975975_o

I had been watching TONS of unboxing videos on YouTube, which I thought was the coolest and most fun concept considering you got to watch people’s expressions when they discovered the awesome array of food in their boxes. I began to discover that there were subscription boxes for just about ANYTHING out there, so I took the plunge and ordered a couple of more just to see what they were like and what kinds of items I would receive in them. I also specifically ordered many that were only derived from small and local businesses, or were supporting charities with proceeds from each box ordered.

After spending a couple more days obsessing over unboxing vids and popular subscription boxers, I began to have a vision of what type of influence these people have over viewers. I know that I, myself was certainly influenced by their words, actions and what kinds of boxes they were buying as they made me also want to purchase the boxes. Then I got to thinking, what if I can influence people beyond that of a subscription box? What if I can create an account and talk about relatable products, events, and even opinions that can help make someone’s day a bit easier? Thus the idea for livelaughbox came about, and I will share the three things I want this account to achieve.

  1. To Spread Positivity and Love

I decided when I made the account, that I wanted to include a quote of the day on a daily basis that would inflict some sort of positive message and inspire people to embrace who they are truly are. Part of creating the blog was so I could write similar posts on how people can start to think positive and thus spread positive energy all around them. My mission statement is to spread the love wherever possible. I don’t want any hate on my page, but I realize that criticism can definitely be a good thing. Therefore, I ask that any  criticism be discussed privately with me in a mature manner. I want people to feel comfortable looking at my page, and to feel better about themselves if they are already feeling down.

2. To give credit to companies/people that deserve it

I love nothing more than supporting small and local businesses. I would rather support someone who is trying to feed their family, pay bills, etc. than contribute to a CEO’s summer home by spending at a major corporation. I love supporting people who have worked hard, and I will give credit to a businesses that I believe has earned it. This is not to say that I don’t support ANYTHING bought from major corporation stores. I review many products that come from stores like these, but that’s because I simply love the product and believe it deserves the credit to be reviewed and spread the word on, or because it works really well. I will never deny a product because of where it comes from, but I have a special place in my heart for small businesses/handmade products and I love reviewing and trying out their services.

3. To try subscription boxes, products, beverages, recipes, events, etc. and to give you an honest opinion on it

This account originated from my newly discovered love for subscription boxes. I told myself from day one that I was only going to give fair and honest reviews on products. I don’t get paid to review any products on my page, they are all things that I truly love and believe that others should try. I wouldn’t tell people to try a product if I was getting paid to say that, because that wouldn’t be an honest review or statement. If you are weary about trying something and investing money into a product, my goal is that my reviews will help you make that decision. I try to promote health and wellness products through my blog and reviews, as I believe promoting a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle on social media can have a huge influence on followers.

Now that you understand my mission a little better, let me know if there’s anything you want to see me reviewing/talking about, or even if you have some constructive criticism that you think would benefit my blog/social media accounts. Even if want to say hi, always feel free to send me a message and we can be friends!

Spread the love people, xo.

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