My Favourite Things to add to Tea!

Believe it or not, tea was once used as solely a herbal remedy to help sore throats and sickness. Today, it used not just to treat colds but also largely used for pleasure. I look forward to waking up in the morning and making my tea of the day because it literally soothes my soul when I’m at work and makes my morning commute that much more bearable. Aside from purchasing (sometimes too much) tea from David’s Tea, receiving tea in monthly subscription boxes and making impulse purchases in random grocery stores, sometimes I enjoy steeping my own tea with herbs, spices, etc. I like to add random ingredients to make the flavours more enjoyable and the health benefits more rewardable!

  • Sage

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Sage is a miracle healer if you wake up one morning with a sore throat. Sage is a pure, green and leafy perennial that you can easily grow in your garden (or at your windowsill in the winter) and can be canned and/or dried. Add 15-20 leaves to a jar, fil the jar about 3/4 of the way with boiling water, and let steep for about 20 minutes. you’ll be laughing at your no longer existent sore throat.

  • Turmeric/Ginger

If you’ve have a chance to take a look at my blog, you know that I LOVE turmeric and adding it to anything I can in order to experience the detox of a lifetime. Turmeric is best for cleaning out your liver and bringing an abundance of antioxidants into your system, so drink this if you’ve had a night of drinking and need a good liver detox. I would recommend adding other ingredients along with turmeric though, as the taste of turmeric alone is very strong. Add turmeric with ginger, this combination is excellent for boosting your immune system and killing bacteria that can make you sick. It also helps with ridding of the common cold and aids in digestive issues.

  • Honey

Honey is an amazing ingredient to add to tea that also brings a slew of health benefits. I usually add a string of honey into my tea after steeping, and then I stir to give the tea that extra flavor. Honey helps fight against the common cold and its symptoms such as a cough and throat irritation. It helps prevent cancer, reduces ulcers and helps to fix irritations in the skin. When looking for the right honey to add to your tea, make sure you are purchasing raw and organic honey as it contains minerals and enzymes that re-formulated honey does not have.

  • Lemon

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I remember being a kid and my mother always telling me to put a lemon in my water, which I didn’t understand because of the extremely potent taste and the fact that I couldn’t ingest lemon juice without making a weird face. Lemon in tea is also very beneficial for the liver as it dissolves uric acid and other poisons, detoxifying the liver. They also help to fight against common colds, flus and sore throats (hence those lemon-flavoured cough drops) and aid in cleaning out your bowels to help with regular bowel movements.

  • Cardamom


Wonderful for helping with depression, digestion, detoxification and is great for fighting pathogens, so yet another remedy for the common cold.

  • Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a typical spice my grandmother adds to random Christmas dishes just because it has that spicy taste that you want to enjoy while staring out your window looking at snow falling, sipping on nutmeg tea. It is stimulating to the brain and nervous system and may help ease anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue.


You can combine any of the above ingredients and add to your tea all at the same time. The health benefits of doing so will literally wipe your cold away (I know from experience) and provide a delicious and healthy remedy to many, many symptoms you may be experiencing whether mental or physical.

If you want a recipe for the common cold that combines a number of these ingredients, check out my blog post on Turmeric Detox Tea!

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