DIY Personalized Christmas (or anytime) Gifts!

I don’t know about you guys, but giving Christmas gifts are 100000% my favourite part of Christmas. You get to see the expression on someone’s face when you hand them that gift that you just KNOW they have been waiting for. I’ve always been one who likes to give personalized gifts, especially handmade cards with pictures plastered all over the front of the awesome times you have shared with that special person. I have made so many personalized gifts over the years, I thought I would share my favourite DIY gift ideas!

  • Personalized  Card

What’s better than grabbing a regular piece of paper and jazzing it up with a billion pictures, funny quotes, and adorable sayings that you ONLY share with one other person in the world? I typically get a coloured piece of paper (or a blank sheet of printer paper that happens to be lying around) and find some of the oldest and newest pictures I have with the recipient. I usually purchase sticker letters from the nearest scrapbook store (Michael’s, Wal-Mart, even a local dollar store) and make headings with the letters. I recently made a card for my boyfriend and made certain words stand out by using large sticker letters (i.e. I LOVE you, you are the BEST, etc.) Easiest and simplest way to tell someone you love them!

  • Scrapbook

I’m an artsy person, so I LOVE making the people I love most a scrapbook. I made one for my boyfriend for our anniversary, and my best friend for her engagement. I start with buying a scrapbook album from a craft store. These are typically about $12-30 dollars CAD and you can buy them in many different forms, colours, sizes, etc. The great thing about making scrapbooks is that you can go absolutely CRAZY and fill it with as little or as much as your heart desires. The scrapbook I made was a timeline theme, so it took my boyfriend through our first date up until the time we got a cat together (this was a year’s time). I included cute little extras like ‘love coupons’ and a section where I printed out some of our cutest conversations via text and had an envelope of those. He absolutely LOVED it and we still look at it from time to time just to take us back to our first year we had together (p.s. the title was ‘our first year’).

  • Personalized themed- anything

It’s the twenty-first century so that means you can pretty much put any saying or name on any item that exists for the consumer to purchase. There are really good websites like Personalization Mall [] that allows you to write names, sayings, dates, etc. on just about any item. My favourite personalized gift I gave was also to my boyfriend (spoiled guy, right?) and it was a mat that had logos and names of some his favourite things (i.e. hockey teams, beers, football players, etc.). You can get anything done from a cup to a picture frame to blankets to.. well the list is literally endless.

  • Beverage Bars


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Does that special someone in your life like coffee? Tea? Wine? A certain type of beverage? Chances are that if you’re dating a human, they probably like SOME kind of drink. Why not put together a ton of different items that all center around that beverage and give it to them this Christmas? To be honest, I’ve never actually done this but it looks HELLA good, and I definitely already have some ideas for upcoming birthdays. Let’s say that special someone is obsessed with Starbucks. You could get them all different kinds of Starbucks coffee drinks, recipes, accessories, and maybe top it off with a giftcard. You could also host a night for them where you let them watch their favourite movie/TV show, and then bring out the beverage bar and let them choose their favourites. There are many different ways to do this, but I would recommend putting this together in a basket formation if you won’t get the chance to set it up in front of the person.

  • Survival Kits

This is probably my favourite DIY gift to give to someone. You basically pick a theme that the person likes (i.e. beauty products, food) or maybe combine many different themes and put together a bag or box of items and call it a ‘survival kit’. I usually include a letter or a note explaining what the kit is, what’s inside and how the products are going to help the person. I just did a ‘calming’ survival kit for my best friend and I included detox bath sea salts, a shower gel, hand cream, detox tea and a face wash. You can do pretty much anything- candy, chocolate, nutrition, maybe even an ‘adult’ survival kit for that frisky friend you have? There are SO many variations!

If you have more ideas for personalized gifts, or if you have given something personalized to someone in the past and it was a hit, comment and let me know!

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  1. Author

    Some great ideas here. I usually shy away from giving DIY gifts, but those are the gifts that always mean the most when I receive them. Thanks for these wonderful ideas. 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Hearing that someone actually found my blog helpful seriously makes me so happy and reminds me why I love blogging so much! Cheers!

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