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I don’t know about you guys, but the concept of a subscription box is something that is fairly new to me. My channel, Instagram and blog are mostly focused on lifestyle and wellness products but a huge portion of my reviews are actually based on subscription boxes, and I want to take some time to introduce why and how my new found love subscription boxes came about.

Let’s start with the concept of a surprise box filled with goodies arriving to your day each month, season, bi-monthly, etc. Depending on what your interests are, I’m pretty sure a box exists to cater to EVERY interest you could ever have. The first box that I ever looked at and ended up ordering was the Love with Food box. It struck me for three reasons:

  1. The proceeds from the box that I purchased were going to help provide meals to hungry children around the world
  2. The box is filled with organic, non-GMO, vegan and all-natural products that you probably won’t find at your local grocery store
  3. For a reasonable price, you are getting 16-20 snacks (depending on the box you choose) that come straight to your door. This is especially useful for someone like me who works 9-5 every day and HATES packing a lunch every night. These are healthy snacks that I can toss in my lunch bag and not have to worry about how much of the ‘bad stuff’ I am consuming

Once I realized how amazing this one subscription box was, I decided to explore the other thousands of boxes out there. I did TONS of research and let me tell you, I definitely got way too excited and spent a bit too much money on boxes. Although spending money isn’t great at the moment since I’m reasonably broke, I still ordered the boxes and intend on keeping my subscription.

Obviously if you struggle with money, you can’t afford to order 10 boxes and renew your subscription monthly. I would recommend for those starting out in the world of subscription boxes, to dip your feet in the water and order just 1 or 2 boxes. Make sure you research and read reviews on the companies, as many companies have sketchy and unreliable cancellation policies/bad customer service. I only ordered from companies that had a good review and had a clear button or page to visit that allowed me to cancel my subscription if I ever needed to.

Next, let’s explore what sets subscription boxes aside from just visiting the mall on a Saturday afternoon.

First, depending on the box you get, you are supporting local businesses instead of putting money into a huge corporation and supporting the CEO’s summer vacation home. When you support local businesses, you are helping a mother feed her children, you are helping a family to pay off their bills, and you are receiving top notch products that are locally made (many are hand-made) that come directly to your door, so bonus points for not having to leave your house in the winter!

Second, you can receive a box for literally ANYTHING. I am obsessed with finding boxes that offer handmade teas, handmade skin and bath products, and make up products that you wouldn’t be able to purchase at the drugstore. They make fantastic gifts as you can pick a box that would suite a family member or friend’s interests, and gift it to them for a birthday, Christmas, etc. You have options to do a one time gift or you can order them a subscription for a couple of months- the choice is yours!

Third, if you really love a certain product and want to keep receiving it monthly as you go through it fast, subscription boxes are definitely the way to go. For example, if you love tea, there are TONS of subscription boxes that have many different variations of tea. Loose leaf, organic, black, white, oolong, herbal, green; the list is literally endless. Or you can explore different boxes that offer an assortment of products but include tea as a gift in them. For example, Ellebox Co (I LOVE) offers a box for ladies going through that time of the month and they always include feminine products, chocolate and different teas (use my code LIVELAUGH to get 10% on yours!).

With the options that exist out there, subscription boxes seem to be the up and coming new trend of the 21st century. I am fairly new in the world of subscription boxes but I am seriously excited to keep giving honest reviews of products and give people a peek into the world of these amazing boxes.




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