Ellebox Co. December Comfort Box Unboxing!

Ellebox Co. December Comfort Box Unboxing!


One of the reasons I love subscription boxes is the element of surprise that comes with receiving a box in the mail and not having a clue what kind of goodies you’ll find in there.

I think Ellebox Co., a subscription box company based out of Vancouver, BC, is one of those companies that promises its receivers to be surprised by what’s inside. Of course, subscribers know the theme of the box when they order it. It’s a ‘period’ or ‘that time of the month’ box designed for anyone who, to put it kindly, bleeds for a week straight and needs some sort of comfort. The box really speaks to people going through this delicate time as it provides not only pads and/or tampons to last you your entire cycle (and then some), but also treats and girly products to make the process a little less-painful.

When you order the box you have a few options, you can either get a necessities or a comfort box (and both have organic pad/tampon options). The necessities box comes with feminine products, chocolate and tea while the comfort box adds a couple of self-care goodies from local business.

For those that have been following my Instagram/blog, you know that I am crazy about supporting local/small businesses, so this box fits me a like a glove. I ordered the organic comfort box and I chose to receive 20 pads (you can choose the ratio of pads and tampons that you want to get). Little did I know, they also provide pads for both heavy and not-so-heavy days.


The first thing I usually notice in any subscription box is if there is food inside (because, simply put, I love food). My boyfriend was present when I was opening this box and he noticed this lovely chocolate bar too, and quite to my dismay he tried to say it would be a good idea to SHARE it, ummm no thanks. Think again. This little bar of heaven is a peanut butter truffle chocolate bar. The only complaint I have is that it’s not bigger.20161211_173600

Next up is the extra treat you get in the box if you order the Comfort edition. This is a lemon walnut scrub by Studio Aroma, which I’m assuming is a facial scrub. There were no instructions on the packaging, and I usually look for something to tell me how long to leave a mask on for, etc. Unfortunately, this does not come with those instructions for people like me who need to read up on everything before attempting to use a product. However, the product smells absolutely amazing and is very soft to the touch. Definitely will be using this tonight for a nice facial scrub.


Next up is the other gift that comes to those who ordered the comfort box. It looks like a facial cleanser by Element Botanicals, called “Potion.” What appealed me about this cleanser is that, it doesn’t really look like a cleanser! It looks like a bottle of hair product/hair spray, and that’s what I initially thought it was; but I was pleasantly surprised to see what it really was. It also smells amazing and does not go on or feel heavy on the skin; it’s very light.


Lastly is this AWESOME pack of loose tea. Again, for those who follow me on social media, you know that I am absolutely obsessed with tea. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the tea is from Tea Sparrow, a business that I really admire, and that the flavor really suites the holidays and the weather! Its a lovely Chocolate Orange Tiramisu flavor. It looks to be a black tea, so it is caffeinated (AKA don’t drink a few hours before bed!). The only critique I could say about this product is the size, it was a little small (especially for the rabid tea drinkers that have 2-3 cups a day like myself).

I didn’t take an enlarged picture of the pads and tampons, because let’s face it; we all know what those look like. I am very happy to be receiving organic products though, considering I have had some past trouble with store-bought brands of tampons and pads. Overall, I am impressed with this box and can’t wait to get my next one next month.

If you were impressed too, use code LIVELAUGH to get 10% off your subscription box!


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