I love when you find a product that you can utilize for multiple purposes. Especially one that lasts you a while and you don’t need to keep replacing! I discovered this Arbonne Salt Scrub after it was used at a business launch for one of my friends. I was given a hand massage with this scrub and then told to wash it off. It made my hand feel SO soft that I had to get one of my own. Cost: This product costs $34.00 (not including tax/S&H) for 453 g. This is good for the value and considering most reviews I’ve read have claimed thatRead More →

I have not yet had the privilege of packing my bags and heading out to the Western part of Canada that I have been wanting to see since I can remember. Especially living in a part of Canada that doesn’t have vast landscapes and scenery like Western Canada does, has sparked my interest even that much more. I have always been a traveler at heart, but limited financial means and a busy schedule have always constricted me from fulfilling those dreams. I have decided to take some time off this year and attempt to see some places I have not yet seen, with Alberta and BritishRead More →

I first heard of this recipe when I was feeling under the weather myself and I decided to research what kinds of recipes I could make that used an abundance of garlic. I have recently started to discover the health benefits of garlic (as well as obsess over the smell of it) so I was aware that garlic is pretty amazing at fighting against major colds, flus and many types of viruses because of one of garlic’s major chemical components- allicin. Garlic is useful in helping with digestion, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and most of all killing viruses and bacteria that spread to diseases andRead More →

I remember the craze when these matte lip kits first emerged on the market. You had to practically stalk Ms. Jenner’s social media accounts to find out when the next set of lip kits would be released on her website, and then click on whatever item you wanted as FAST as possible in order to secure your lip kit. Being from Canada also bit you on the ass considering the product was in USD and added an arm and a leg’s worth of shipping and handling. I definitely wondered a couple of times if it was really worth making the purchase just for a tubeRead More →

I started to build my tea collection about a year ago (mostly with David’s Tea) and I remember I became so obsessed that I was drinking tea sometimes 2, 3 or even 4 times a day. I even had to get a new kettle because I broke our 20-year-old one from over-usage. After trying many, many, MANY different kinds of tea from David’s Tea, I decided it was time to branch out and try other brands; namely organic tea that is difficult to find in stores. I started searching for tea subscription boxes but I found many were overpriced and didn’t include as much tea asRead More →

For all of you subscription boxers (or unboxers) out there, if you haven’t heard of FabFitFun, you seriously need to do yourself a favour and go check these boxes out. I’m a huge fan of supporting subscription boxes that come from small/local businesses and are helping people to get the word out about safe, natural products. FabFitFun is a little more well-known but the products that come in the box also come from a variety of businesses and to top it off, they are REALLY good quality! I ordered this box December 1st and it came just a couple of days before Christmas. This wasRead More →

This post may be coming a little late considering I have seen many people unbox and review this box already, but I am SO glad I found Boxycharm so I couldn’t wait to talk about it on my blog. Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box that sends 5 FULL SIZED beauty products from different companies. They charge $21.00 / month not including tax or S&H, and there is free shipping on USA orders. I was searching for a while for a good make-up subscription box as many companies will ship only samples or mostly samples. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I wanted something thatRead More →

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is finding little, but useful items to fill my loved ones stockings with on Christmas. Not only can you find some seriously useful things that are not only small but extremely adequate for daily use and that people seriously LOVE. Here’s my list.. 1. Body/Bath items Every year my Grandma includes this adorable array of stocking stuffers into my stocking full of good smelling, mini sized chapsticks, hand gels, body/hand creams and shower gels that are seriously useful not only for travel but also for everyday use if you don’t feel like buying a gigantic bottle of something.Read More →

Okay, folks. What would you say if I told you I discovered a primer that is lightweight, affordable, easy on the skin and smooth as all hell? Would you be surprised to find out that the product I’m referring to is from Arbonne? Just for a recap and for those who don’t know Arbonne, Arbonne is a company that formulates Swiss-based products and thus follows the high standard of skin care and beauty that derives from Europe. It has been in Canada for just over 10 years, and it is a vegan, paraben-free, formulated without Benzene, Mineral Oil and Petroleum among many. I first hadRead More →